Hellow, in this posting I will try to include my videos in english debate. I enter in two groups namely fourth and tenth group.
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THW would allow student to bringing mobile phone to school

1. I as the second speaker with motion  

I think I agree with this motion. But the rule and limitation just only for Junior and High School. And then, there is a regularly control from their parents and their teachers. And then let them using the mobile phone just only for in time, namely when it need to use and in rest time. There are some advantages  for the children can get. The first it can help them to learn to do their home work and then can learn from Internet.

Because the material from their teacher is still less. So they have to learn from the other resources namely Internet. They can get news, article and more. So, Internet on Handphone has become the most important thing in the education worlds. With internet, school can build a network with the other schools and students can get a variety of information than they go to library which the material and the other knowledge still less (taken from http://valadorn.wordpress.com/).

Using mobile phone can help them to learn from Interactive media, such as Android mobile phone application. More education application from Android can help the students to solve their school problem. Offcourse this technology help them in education world.

Beside in education world, with bringing mobile phone the parent of student can control their children in communication side. In the Information Communication Technology (ICT) era, with mobile phone give some advantages for every people.Communication between parents and childen include that.  In one of situation the children come late to their house. So, with mobile phone, the students can call their parents and say to them that the children come late to home.

The children maybe have the schedule in their school, for example extracurricular, still study in their groups. other I think mobile phone very support for this case. The other case maybe children can call their parents in emergency situation for example stealing or bad accident.

I think there are some advantages that the students can get if they bringing their mobile phone to school. But with some rule and control. I think the disadvantages will not happen if there is some rule and controlled by parent and teacher.

2. I as the reply speaker

3. I as the review speaker

THW prohibits students bringing their vehicle to school

I agree with this motion. But the position for under 18 Years Old. Why? Because they are not have a Driving License. The facts show us that in our regulations UU No 22 tahun 2009 about traffic and road transport say that children under the age prohibited to drive because the children under the age  prohibited to have a Driving License according to Pasal 81 one and two verse (taken from www.waspada.co.id).

Beside it,  number of traffic accidents mainly suffered by riders under age or not yet old enough to operate or drive a motor vechile. The accidents suffered by riders under the age because they unable to control the vechile so they often lost control while driving on the road.  And even, children who are not yet old  enough to use a vehicle is still less to control their self, technical knowledge and understanding of traffic signs when driving. For example is Ahmad Dani sons namely Dul in Jagorawi toll.

And then, if we see from social inequality side sometimes the only children from the able family who can have the vechile. So, what happen with the children who their family not able to buy the vechile to their children. Offcourse this can cause some social problem such as envy,stealing and harassment. A habitation and make a group, offcourse will born from this case and that will make a social inequality. It will make a competing to showed a better vehicle than the other friends (taken from artikel1.coffemix.com).

So, I gree if there is a prohibiting student under 18 years old bringing their own vechile to school.

Thanks,  in this english debate I can get the best speaker twice. But I have to learn and learn to practice my English Speak.

That’s all my argumentation for this motion. Thanks………..